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About Us

"Rebuild New Mexico & Underdeveloped Entities" RNM&UE is a nonprofit (501.c3) organization with the mission to help create a sustainable future for the state of New Mexico plus adjacent states and whereever underdeveloped conditions exist.

Who we are

A nonprofit dedicated to creating a sustainable future for underdeveloped communities.

Our mission

Providing access to the latest in energy saving products, working and promoting symbiosis our natural environments, and supporting less fortunate areas in New Mexico, surrounding states, and especially Haiti.

What we do

We seek individuals who are both skilled and dedicated to returning un-natural oppressive urban areas to their original natural state.

We love New Mexico

Preserving New Mexico's landscape and tranquility for its inhabitants is our priority. We want to see an amazing future for this state, the rest of the southwest, and hold Haiti in our hearts.

Our Strategy

Rebuild New Mexico (RNM) grew out of the 1996 DOE Rebuild America intiative to assist with improving energy efficiency in commercial and public buildings with the incentive of keeping resources (Money) within local communities and states. When DOE funding was dropped for the proram in 2001 RNM became a non profit to continue the original mission evolving around three areas of emphasis.

RNM is looking to promote total sustainability for both our NM communities on a local level and on a global level in limited international communities. Total sustainability involves getting "off the grid" not only in energy but also in water supply; food supply; healthcare; communications; and of course community happiness.

RNM&UE pursues its broad mission in three ways

  • Energy Savings Distribution

    By promoting and helping to provide the means and materials (i.e. distribution of the latest in energy saving products) to our partners who work with all governmental
    entities public and private organizations, small and large businesses to lower their demand for energy while at the same time finding ways for them to produce energy independently.

  • Environmental Conservation

    By working and promoting a return of our natural environment to its original state with clean rivers, original vegetation, organic farming and guaranteed open space.

  • Revenue Sharing

    Any revenues generated by our activities will go to support these goals in less fortunate areas both in New Mexico, surrounding states, and especially the country
    of Haiti – which has the most underdeveloped conditions in the Western Hemisphere.

Areas of Emphasis

  • Behavior Modification

    Helping to change the behavior of the building occupants to reduce energy use.

  • Building Audits

    Assessments and Investment Grade Audits to consider retrofit recommendations for improving building performance.

  • Education and Outreach

    Educating communities statewide on greening initiatives and sustainability habits.

RNM&UE constantly seeks partners who are skilled in all of the above areas and will help these partners to find the clients who are willing to participate in reducing their energy demand and possibly producing their own energy. We also seek partners who are both skilled and dedicated to working to return un-natural, invasively dominated urban, suburban, (1st priority) areas and later rural areas to their original natural state. Non native, undesirable growth must be removed as it is changing New Mexico’s landscapes into un- desirable surroundings.

Another integral part of our mission is to help both our clients and our contracting partners wade through the complex waters of finding the best value in energy saving materials (RNM is a distributor of such materials) and processing the administrative requirements for receiving the maximum incentives.

RNM&UE will provide meeting areas and lodging to visiting clients, professionals, doctors, engineers, administrators, and financial experts who may be required to visit our facilities both in New Mexico and abroad.


Our History in Working With New Mexico Schools

The CASH Program

Conservation Altering Student Habits

For New Mexico Schools

Changing Behaviors for Energy Savings

Educating New Mexico Students to Ensure a Better Future

News and Letters

Support for Haiti Prior to and After the Earthquake of 2010

Solar Pot Technology

Grass Roots Solar

Letter to the Clinton Foundation

RFP to Clinton Foundation for Micro Agriculture Concepts and Applications.

Letter from the Mayor of Cabaret, Haiti

Endorsement for Solar Pot Technology Distribution in Area.

Letter to Chelsea Henrie

Regarding our Mission to Ship a Cargo Container Full of Solar Pots to Cabaret, Haiti.

Letter to Students of Tony Hillerman Middle School.

Regarding More Support for Solar Cookers Being Sent to Haiti to Assist After Earthquake.

Our Board Members

Eric Doerrer - President

Eric was one of the original founders of the DOE sponsored Rebuild America project in the State of New Mexico which began in 1998. He became a board member of the Rebuild New Mexico non- profit independent organization when it was formed in 2001.

Eric has served on the board of directors in a voluntary basis for over 15 years. Eric has been instrumental in reviving Rebuild New Mexco & Underdevloped entities (RNM&UE) by pushing the sustainability mission into the active area of assisting partners in finalizing energy saving projects. This is being done by setting up distribution of the energy saving material. In addition ErIc is performing the sometimes very involved duty of applying for and following through obtaining the maximum utility incentives for clients dedicated to saving energy

Eric has over 20 years experience in the field of commercial lighting specializing now in LED lighting. Eric has been involved with grant writing for several large solar projects some of which have come to fruition. He was also major contributor to assisting school districts meet EPA energy reduction goals.

Eric completed Advanced Lighting and Design Courses at GE’s Nela Park. He is past president of the Mew Mexico Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers and a member of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) Eric attended the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service for one and a half years (President Clinton’s Alma mater)after which he spent two years at Cornell University in Ithaca NY. Eric completed the US Army Command and General Staff College and was a Distinguished Graduate of the Department of Defense National Security Course. Eric is a retired Army Colonel (06)

Joseph Matesi

Mr. Matesi is a Designer, Permaculturist and Building, Development and Real Estate Consultant with over 35 years experience. He has been a home builder and realtor engaged by U.S, Canadian and Danish building and development companies, and has attained the National Association of Home Builder’s MIRM and National Association of Realtor’s GRI designations. Mr. Matesi's experience includes single family home, townhome, condominium, apartment, cluster house and community developments. He is founder of Holistic Habitats, Inc. For the past 14 years, his focus has been on creating energy efficient, holistic living environments.

Shirley Sainte - Treasurer

As a fitness enthusiast, Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer, Choreographer, Dancer Performer and team builder, Shirley is a passionate and motivated entrepreneur. Promoting a good quality of life by way of balanced health and clean environments she has awakened communities throughout New Mexico and beyond to think and live a clean, green, natural lifestyle. Shirley gave rise to her home based business Total Body Movement in 2011 and continues to thrive as a fitness professional. Shirley is very reliable as a financial organizer and has experience in QuickBooks.

Daniel Peterson - Solar Director

Daniel was originally trained in the medical field – but he has a passion for sustainable living practices and renewable energy. Daniel was one of the first graduates of the Renewable Energy Course at San Juan College in New Mexico. Since then he has been designing and installing photovoltaic power systems for over ten years. Daniel started his career with Positive Energy Solar when the company first began in Santa Fe New Mexico. After being with them for nine years - he recently started on his own to install photovoltaic systems.

Michael Smith - Environmental Director

Sachielle Samedi - Promotional Director


Karl Doerrer - IT Director

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